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Phillip Watson (conceived March 1, 1988), better referred to online as Philza Minecraft, Philza, or Phil, is an English YouTuber and Twitch decoration. He is most popular for his five-year Hardcore world; its end in April 2019 was highlighted in numerous media sources and sent off Phil to notoriety. His present Hardcore universes are known for the monstrous structure projects he attempts. His part in the Dream SMP likewise pulled in additional standard consideration from individual Minecraft content makers, like TommyInnit and Dream. Shop Philza Merchandise Store 

Phil has been/is important for three significant SMPs: SMPEarth, Dream SMP, and Origins SMP.

As of now, Phil streams each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Twitch and posts transfer features on YouTube. His streams regularly highlight different individuals from the Sleepy Bois Inc. He likewise transfers stream cuts on his clasps channel, PhilzaCLIPS, and shows up in recordings on Tommy’s channels.

Hardcore worlds

Phil started gushing in July 2017. Despite the fact that he momentarily streamed different games, he for the most part played on his Hardcore Minecraft world and other modded Minecraft universes. He then, at that point, transferred transfer features to his YouTube channel.

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MC Championship

Beginning on November 17, 2019, Phil partook in each MC Championship aside from MCC 3. Each group he has been in, barring MCC 11, has included undoubtedly another SBI part. In MCC 4, he cooperated with Techno, Wilbur, and Tommy as the Purple Pandas and put first. In MCC 12, he collaborated with Wilbur, GeorgeNotFound, and TapL as the Green Guardians and put first once more.

He likewise took an interest in the Brighton Meetup before MCC 8 and notoriously drove numerous players the incorrect way in Ace Race during MCC 14.

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